Low-Latency Trading Technology From FastPanda
All what you need for high-frequency algorithmic trading
FastPanda Technologies is a privately owned Canadian company that develops low-cost high-performance trading technology designed specifically for high-frequency high-volume algorithmic trading. Our product is a complete solution that includes all components typically required for HFT trading - like FIX gateways, direct market data feed handlers, trading engine, order entry server, monitoring console. It also has multi-user functionality allowing multiple traders to control their own strategies that can be hosted on different trading engines in different locations. For the sake of performance the entire platform is written in C++. 

Cost of the platform is several times lower compare to products with similar functionality offered by other technology providers (like FlexTrade, ORC Software, Progress Apama just to mention a few).

We believe our technology is an ideal solution for trading companies that are considering to build their own trading platform because using our product will cut time to the market (by one or two years at least) and will bring very significant saving in development costs.

The platform includes a low-latency FantasTickTM Ticker Plant to process direct market data feeds , high-performance FIX Engines with drop-off capabilities, Algorithms Hosting Engines, a centralized Risk Management Server and a Trading Controlling Console to monitor and manage trading activity and to supervise state of the entire trading system. The platform is a distributed scalable solution that can run on a single PC or on a group of PCs for the purpose of load distribution.

During trading the platform does not deploy a traditional database. That is why it is extremely efficient and is not affected by problems typical for database-oriented trading systems. Significant spikes in market activity can be quite challenging for any traditional relational database when order flow in a trading system reaches several thousand a second.

The platform also features market simulation environment where simulated orders execution is driven by feed replay using recorded raw market data feed files. This functionality can be very handy for strategies back-testing.

One very useful feature of the platform is a parametrized management of open orders queue. By specifying settings that define open orders price levels and size distribution it eliminates the needs to track open orders in a strategy code or to manage them explicitly using  methods like “send order” or “cancel order”. Relieving a developer from necessity of orders management in the code makes a strategy development much simpler, considering that management of layers of open orders usually takes a lot of efforts from coding perspective.

Writing trading algorithms for hosting by the platform is quite simple and requires only basic knowledge of C++ or C#. The system is designed in the way that allows a trader/developer  to concentrate on a trading business logic instead of fighting technological and exchange-specific issues. The platform API is exposed as a thread-safe event-driven callback interface that can be invoked from multiple threads. A trading logic is implemented inside strategy DLL modules hosted by the Algorithmic Hosting Engine process. The hosting engine deploys high-performance threading model that provides superior efficiency and allows sending of several thousand orders per second to multiple destinations with low CPU usage. Direct market data feed handlers can be also hosted inside the trading engine process to avoid latency associated with market data feed dissemination. The Algorithmic Hosting Engine can host hundreds independent strategy DLLs at the same time. 

The Trading Controlling Console exposes a very ergonomic GUI interface that with a click of a button allows a trader to control hundreds of trading strategies running on multiple servers and to supervise the health of the underlying infrastructure.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about our trading software.

We offer free no-obligation two-month trial and help with the platform initial deployment. We believe you will be impressed by efficiency of the platform and simplicity of its deployment. For more information contact us at info@low-latency.net

We also offer assistance in hosting of servers at exchange co-locations in the USA and Canada what allows access to matching engines with sub-millisecond latency.